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About Me

I’ve had a passion for painting horses, pets, and wild animals as long as I can remember, and have been painting and drawing whenever I had the opportunity, developing my unique style. As a child I was drawn to the horses in my neighbors backyard and formed special relationships with all of them. This early experience led me to Luke, my forever horse who I enjoy spending time with every day. Creativity and vision comes from living in the country surrounded by the beautiful abundance of nature and animals.


After graduating with a degree in advertising, I took a job as a full-time graphic artist, which included making product drawings for The North Face. I am primarily self-taught and have been influenced by studying and working with other artists.  I learned from experimenting with different mediums over the years and then one day I stumbled upon another medium - digital.


I found a program that could create what I had been doing using traditional methods (pencils, acrylics, watercolor etc...) and taught myself how to use it. I can design my own brushes, canvas, my own color palette and so much more. Still painting, stroke by stroke using my pen and tablet as my brush and canvas, I can create incredible pieces of art.  They are printed on museum quality canvas with the inks lasting well over a hundred years.


Having this special connection to horses, I started creating a portfolio primarily of them. People took notice and I started doing art on a commission basis.  By using as reference a favorite photo of a beloved horse, pet or human and using my unique style, I capture a memory that will last a lifetime.

For all press/media and art inquiries please contact:

Terri Crowley

Tel: 989-798-5306

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